Howdy yall, my name is lindsay, i live in new jersey and i'm 17. There's really no rhyme or reason to what i post, if its funny, mind-fucking, or a picture of Alex Gaskarth's face; i'll reblog it. I post ALOT of all time low mainly, also some other bands like you me at six, mayday parade, the ready set, the summer set, the cab, forever the sickest kids,paradise fears, avion roe, and theres more that i just can't think of right now.


every family got a plastic bag full of plastic bags

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when youre at a family event and everyone keeps hugging you


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screaming so loud when sugar were going down comes on the radio that it becomes 2005 again

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why do white people think having a confederate flag anywhere on your property screams anything other than “im a blatant racist and slavery was cool”

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